Sue StraightHi there! Thank you for visiting Back Label Girl!

I’m Sue Straight (also known as The Wine Wench®) and I live a wine-drenched life. I’m a professional wine writer and wine judge, among other wine-related things.

Back Label Girl™ was created at my breakfast table. You know how most people read cereal boxes while they are eating breakfast? I read wine bottles, because my table is usually covered with them – I’m a professional wine writer and wine judge. While munching on my granola one morning and reading back labels, I realized that there are a lot of crappy back labels out there – misspellings, grammatical errors and boring information abound. You wouldn’t believe some of the information that wineries put on their back labels, and some wineries don’t put any information on their back labels at all! I asked myself, “Why would consumers want to buy these wines?” So, the lightbulb went off above my head and Back Label Girl™ was born.

As Back Label Girl™, I provide a unique and much-needed service for the wine industry. I write back label text that sells more wine.

Because of my 30 years working in the wine industry, coupled with being a professional wine judge and professional wine writer, I have created Back Label Girl™ to be a specialized one-stop-shop. Wineries send me barrel samples and I produce compelling tasting notes, tech sheets and much more. Following are some of my offerings:

  • Back label text
  • Tech sheets
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Web content
  • Social media content
  • Email and direct mail text

Along with my writing and judging experience, I have a successful 30-year track record helping wineries achieve their DTC goals. I have worked in and managed tasting rooms, developed profitable wine clubs and implemented other successful DTC programs. Last year, I founded DTC Winery Coach, a consulting company catering to wineries and tourism related businesses.

Let Back Label Girl™ help you with your wine writing needs. Let’s talk!